Bag-in-a-bag: This machine creates & fills nylon pyramid tea bags & then fits it into a 3-side seal flat pouch. This machine is very easy-to-use and will have your operations fulfilling orders in no time!

This machine is suitable for packing green tea, black tea, coffee, flower tea, herbal tea, and other small granular products.

This machine is a piece of equipment to weigh the given quantity of tea, put in to a bag and produce a pyramid shaped tea bag by using ultrasonic waves. It is designed to make measurements by using precise load cells and has a sorting ability which can weigh a maximum of 8 kinds of products accurately.

IAPACK provides a fully automated machine which can produce either pyramid teabags or regular teabags at a rate of 200 bags per minute. This unique machine, which is very popular among tea manufacturers, a high-speed machine for producing pyramid bags (also known as triangular bags). The machine is fitted with numerous sensors to detect any potential problems. A teabag with tape attached, for example, is automatically rejected. Since the thread is attached to the top of the pyramid bag rather than to the side, as is the case in similar machines, the triangular bag retains its attractive pyramid shape.

Machine à emballer verticale automatique de farine de poudre de Curcuma de haricot mungo

Détails rapides Type: Machine de conditionnement multifonctionnelle Condition: Nouvelle Fonction: Remplissage, scellage, emballage Application: boisson, produit chimique, marchandise, type de conditionnement alimentaire: sacs, cartons, film, sachet, sachet d'emballage Matériau d'emballage: plastique, Opp / Cpp.Opp / Ce.Mst / Pe / Animal / Pe Catégorie automatique: Automatique Type de moteur: Tension électrique: 220V Puissance: 50Hz.2.4KW Dimension (L * W * H):…

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Petite machine à emballer automatique de sachet de rendement élevé automatique pour la poudre d'épices

Détails Type: Machine d'emballage multifonctions Condition: Nouvelle Fonction: Remplissage, scellage, refendage Application: Boisson, Type d'emballage médical: Sachets, Étui, Pochette Matériel d'emballage: nylon, PLA, PET, Non-tissé, etc. Automatique Catégorie: Automatique Type conduit: Pneumatique Tension: 220v Puissance: 800w Dimension (L * W * H): 1850 * 950 * 2100mm Certification: CE…

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