This Packing Machine with Auger Filler is ideal for packaging milk powder, chemistry condiment, soy milk powder, flour, coffee powder, refined sugar, spice, cement , detergent powder, ect.

Combined Parts

1. Products Hopper
2. Auger Filler
3.SUN-420/520/720 Packing Machine
4.Finished Product Conveyor

5.Weigher Detector
6. Metal Detector
7. Rotary Table

Tech Features

1. Efficiency: Our packing machine is full automatic,Normally needs one person to feed and watch the machine will save a lot of labor.the speed of our packing machine ranges from 30-50 bags per will be much efficient than manual working.
2. Aesthetics: Our machines adopt integration design, most of metal plates are polished and brushed,full of welding looks strong and beautiful
3. Durability: Our machines are painted with anti-rust oil and lubricating oil before delivery.with the good maintenance,the life time of packing machine at least 20 years.
4. Economy: The whole set of our packing machine will cost 1 kilowatt hour.
5. Safety: The packing machine has multiple level protection:emergency stop button,safety door lock,alarms.all of the touching parts are made of SUS304,which meet food safety grade demand.

Machine Characteristics

Type de sac     Vertical Pillow Bag, With Hole, Linked, Gusseted Bag
Taille du sac           (L):60~200mm    (W):80~200mm
Max Film Width420mm
Packing Speed5-70 bags/min
Air Consumption0.6Mpa 0.5m³/min
Source de courant2.2Kw 220V 50Hz
Temperature Precision±1℃
Epaisseur du film0.04-0.09(mm)
Measuring RangeMax:1000ml

Détails rapides

Type: Machine de conditionnement multifonction
Condition: Nouveau
Fonction: remplissage, d'étanchéité, refente, emballage
Application: Habillement, boisson, produit chimique, marchandise, nourriture, machinerie et matériel, médical
Type de conditionnement: Film, feuille, pochette, pochette stand-up
Matériel d'emballage: plastique, bois
Grade automatique: automatique
Type de moteur: électrique
Tension: 220V
Puissance: 2.2KW
Dimension(L*W*H): 1320x920x1392 MM
Certification: Certification CE
Name: Full Automatic Spice Packing Machine
Product name: Quick Speed Full Automatic Spice Packing Machine With Small Sachet
Item: Powder packing machine
Utilisation: fabrication de sacs
Packing speed: 5-70bags/min
Matériau d'emballage: film plastique
Volume: 1000ml
Weight: 450kg
Fonction principale: Pesage Formant Remplissage Scellant
Machine type: Vertical Automatic Packing Machine
Service après-vente fourni: Ingénieurs disponibles pour entretenir des machines à l'étranger

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